Wedding Honeymoon Cake Pursuits

We can never miss out the cake from a great grand wedding. It is one of the main attractions of any wedding. Believe it or not, people wait patiently for the cake cutting ceremony to get lost in its magnificent taste. You need to put a lot of thought before you get a cake. Order wedding cake that comes in various designs to make it truly unique. Using a cupcake based wedding cake goes back in the history of modern cupcakes.

But, the presence of wedding cakes is mostly viewed as the tradition. All that happens in weddings are very systematic which involves the bride and groom engaging in a photography session with the cake, followed by the cake cutting ceremony. After it is done, all the guests are served the delicacy, and all of the cake is gone. Therefore, it is better to make the whole process less tradition and more of a fun event.

Wedding Honeymoon Cake Pursuits

Order Wedding Cake for a Non-traditional Fun Element

We are often mesmerized by the whole process of seeing the bride and groom stuffing cake in each other’s mouth. But, it is more of a tradition. Hence, we can try out some other ways in which there can be pursuits that are less messy and more fun.

There are various alternatives that you can use to induce fun and innovation. As mentioned earlier, you can perfectly fit cupcakes into the picture to draw the attention of the guests. Not to mention that they are a lot cheaper than getting a high-end wedding cake. Cupcakes can be decorated in a similar fashion as of wedding cakes. You can also serve one cupcake to each guest on their plate itself. This can make the whole process more organized and comparatively less messy. The caterers may charge a little extra when it comes to cutting and serving a grand wedding cake. You can easily use this amount of money to accommodate games and activities surrounding the cupcakes.

Everybody may not be very fond of eating cakes. You may come up with an activity for those who do not like eating cakes. You can ask them to take part in a chicken dance or “Macarena” till everybody else is done eating their share of the cake to win attractive goodies and prizes. You can also improvise on the idea.

To continue with the dancing idea, you can also keep a quest where guests have to be a part of an impromptu or sudden dance performance to get a cupcake or a slice. You can also add a message with each and every slice of the cake which can subtly ask the guest to not leave right after the cake cutting ceremony which is a common practice in weddings. You can include some innovative ideas here and there to make the wedding a lot more enjoyable.

You may have a faint idea that a wedding can be hectic when it comes to planning one. To order wedding cake is also an equally challenging task as you need to keep in mind the preferences of the generic crowd or the guest list. It can take a toll on your budget too.

Keeping that in mind you can opt for wedding cakes online where you can easily find a wide range of cheap wedding cakes to fit into your budget efficiently. If you wish to order a wedding cake for the bride and bridegroom, you can check out the amazing deals in

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