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Hello Little Princess; Welcome a Baby Girl Home!

Bringing to this world, a new life, a newborn baby is the hardest and the most wonderful thing to do. It is a life-changing experience that gives your understanding a whole new perspective. Along with every newborn child is a newborn mother; who gives her life out in bringing this baby into the world. Parenthood is a new beginning of life; of hope and dreams, where the happiness and well-being of your baby come way ahead of yours.

All starting off with a wish and crafted with a one-of-a-kind love, comes a tiny but wonderful blessing from above; a little bundle of joy who completes your family. Tiny little feet and tiny little hands, tugging your hair; you welcome a baby girl who comes in with magical dreams in her head and a handful of happiness. Far more precious than jewels, you welcome a baby girl like a princess draped in pink.

new baby flowers

Having a baby girl is one of the most beautiful blessings in life. With fancy little ribbons and dancing toes, you bless your baby girl and protect her keeping her very close to your heart. YOur baby girl comes with chubby cheeks, and a cute button nose, and arms filled with kisses and cuddles.

new baby gifts

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” ~ Shakespeare

Daddy’s Girl and Mommy’s World!

welcome baby gifts

To a daughter, her mother will be her friend through life, to guide her with a tender smile at every step. Blessing her daughter with love and comfort, along with wisdom and compassion, a mother nurtures her daughter into a fine young lady. A mother is a daughter’s first role model, with unalterable love and the perfect timing of understanding. And a daughter is a disguised angel, who is sent from heaven above right into the world of a mother, occupying an irreplaceable spot in her heart.

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For a father, a daughter is someone to whom he comes after a long days work, straight into a big hug that melts away all his stress. And a daughter’s first love is her father, the anchor of her soul. The father of a girl is the most influential person in her life and nobody can love a daughter more than her father.

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Just like this, we have a proud father, who couldn’t contain the joy to welcome a baby girl into his little world. He wanted to give her best and warmest welcome in his life, marking a special place in his heart. He plans with us and sets a surprise to welcome home his beautiful wife and his baby princess. Already being a father to a daughter earlier did not change the excitement he had to welcome another angel in his life. So he decides to surprise his wife with a welcome baby plan along with our team.

A Grand Entry!

welcome baby

The day of his new baby’s arrival was very special to him, and he wanted both, his wife and his daughter to feel extraordinarily special. He made the finest plan to bring home this little princess with a decoration of balloons for the baby born. Awaiting their arrival, we decorated the entire house with colorful and cheerful balloons. All the arrangements were made; a lovely bouquet of flowers, a yummy cake for the new mommy, and the perfect choice of newborn baby gifts.

baby welcome decoration

As this little princess walked up to her daughter in the arms of her mother, there was a huge banner held up welcoming the baby home. The entire family was geared up to welcome a baby girl, an adorable baby with warmth and love. Both mother and daughter were blessed by the grandparents of the baby. Her mother-in-law gave her a beautiful bouquet of flowers to express her thankfulness for this new love of her life.

Next comes the ritual of cake cutting, for the arrival of this new life and marking a new beginning. The mother and daughter cut the cake with a feeling of overwhelming joy in their heart. Also, there were personalized baby gifts and a newborn baby card from the father to show his happiness of meeting his daughter.

A Sister’s Love for the Baby Born

new born baby card

In the picture, we also have this pretty little elder sister who is super excited to welcome a baby girl, her baby sister home too! As she held her little sister’s fingers, she made a silent promise to always protect her and take care of her through the walk of life. She was too amazed to see this little wonder and promised to love her unconditionally. They would be secret keepers, partners in crime, playing dress up games, pulling each others hair, loving each other through thick and thin. She got her little sister balloons to play and accompanied her parents in welcoming this adorable baby into their little family.

Our new attractions welcoming Newborn Baby!

newborn baby gifts

With this event being our first in this category of newborn baby gifts, it gave us a lot of scopes to incorporate different ideas to welcome new babies. Brainstorming with our team, gathering all the creative ideas we have come up with a package designed exclusively to welcome your newborn into this world; ‘Welcome to Our World, Baby.”

welcome new baby

This package will be especially dealing with new baby gifts and personalized baby gifts handpicked for your bundle of joy. There will be different elements of joy in this package; like balloons to decorate the welcome area, new baby flowers for a new life beginning, baby gift ideas like a personalized photo album, or a baby scan frame of your first ultrasound, or just any other special moment related to your newborn. You can explore this new addition to our surprise packages and welcome your newborn in an extraordinary manner!