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Plan an impressive surprise for fiance and enthral her with your love!

They say “True love knows no distance!” Distance just comes as a test parameter to prove how far your love can find a way to keep your hearts close. It is not an easy task to keep loving from a distance, with miles in between and long waits until the two of you visit each other. Surviving through the distance gives you a reason to love even more strongly, with love being present even if the person is not. But when there is someone who means the world to you, it makes the wait worthwhile. Long distance relationships come with their own challenges of keeping your relationship way above the distance between Y’all, trust each other a little more, talking through all the struggles small or big, and making time to end the distance in hearts.


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The little things that people do for each other despite the distance between them is a beautiful reminder that love can be really strong even if two people are separated by thousands of miles. A little pain of separation is way too insignificant when compared to the joy of meeting and uniting forever in love. Surviving through all the distance is what makes long distance relationships really special; proving the real authenticity.

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It is a difficult thing to stay apart from the one your love; but again, long distance relationships are really incredible and one of a kind. If there is immense trust, love and support for each other from the distances, the relationship will past the test of time gracefully.

Love knows no Distance!

With your love being put to test every day and being doubted by everyone around you, it is really a fabulous thing to prove your love to each other every single day, with a reminder of your love for each other and the wait is worth it. This is what makes your relationship different and special.

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There’s this beautiful couple we bring to you today who believe in each other every single day that they are apart and keep loving each other despite the miles between them. This young girl had visited her guy on his birthday as a birthday surprise for fiance. She made his birthday exclusively special and proved it that she was the best life partner he could ever have.

Now it was the turn of the guy to make her feel special on her birthday. He knew heart to heart that it would be difficult for him to fly down all the way and be present with his fiance on her birthday. Now, he had to come up with birthday surprises for her that would be on par with the surprise for fiance that she had planned.

birthday surprises for her

He gives us a call and explains his situation of desperately wanting to be there for her birthday and not being able to do so was putting him a little off. Now you all know for a fact that we are here to make people happy; to come into play in such situations and making your presence felt to your loved ones. He chooses the best surprise for fiance package that we have along with unique birthday gift ideas for her. We know that we might not be able to replace his presence, but we aimed to bring about a long-lasting smile on her face, just like her man would wish to see! Here we go with our filled with love birthday surprise for fiance.

As the clock strikes Twelve!

Our party planning team and her family members, along with her fiance’s family members were waiting for her birthday to begin so that we could bring it in with a bash. We knocked on her door as the clock struck twelve and barged with the biggest surprise of her life; a birthday surprise for fiance from her love. Amazed with joy she welcomed all of us inside. As we walked through the door we left the brightly colored helium balloons to fill the place with joy.  

Birthday Gifts

Immediately, she received a call from her fiance; and as she spoke to him we gave her the wish board specially sent for her with a romantic message from a king to his queen. Next, to her surprise walked in both the families. A very unexpected but pleasant surprise that made her expression worth a click. They presented to her a lovely bouquet of flowers and wished her a very happy birthday.


There were so many cakes arranged by us and her family members together to give her s special feeling. With her fiance on a video call, she brought in her birthday with love across the miles and was so much in love with the birthday surprise for fiance that she literally tried to feed him the yummy cake over the phone. So sweet, isn’t it!

It’s Raining Gifts!

There was a huge shower of gifts followed by the cake cutting ceremony. So many birthday present ideas that she lost count of them. Her fiance had filled her heart with so much warmth with extraordinary birthday gift ideas for her. There was a special greeting that contained best wishes for her future, there were tiny little cupcake treats and yummy chocolates to make this occasion even sweeter, colorful and tasty doughnuts for her to binge on, lovely personalized mugs and a phone cover with memorable pictures of the love birds.

Surprise Birthday

The place was filled with love in every corner; and all we could see of love gifts coming in the shape of hearts from everyone. He had planned unique birthday gifts for her to express all the love he had for her. There was this never seen before heart-shaped crystal gift that he had chosen as a special gift for her like he was giving her his own heart. There was a perfectly framed heart shaped collage as a surprise gift for her that contained all their beautiful pictures from the past. One of the most unique birthday gifts for her, a cute laughing Buddha that reminded her to keep smiling always.

birthday gift ideas for her

There was another special gift in the category of best birthday gifts for her that was a color changing crystal engraved with celebratory elements just for her birthday. A lovely heart pillow for her to cuddle and sleep at night. A huge teddy bear to accompany her whenever she had a dull moment, missing her fiance; and another emoji pillow showing how cool their relationship was and how they stand strong despite the distances.

surprise gift ideas

Coming up next was the best birthday gifts for her; a real heart touching video message sent from the love of her life. She was so very amazed at the expression of love her partner showed for her. He just leveled up her trust that he was her prince charming. She knew it for sure that she would never give up on him and that he was her perfect partner for life.

Surprise gift for fiance

It doesn’t stop here!

If you’ll think this was it with the gifts, then you are absolutely wrong. There was another set of surprise gifts for her coming up. Two personalized frames, making the wonderful surprise gifts for her came with love from her fiance assuring her that he was her soul mate. A cute little fishbowl that would give her someone to talk to when he was not around; a little personal diary to pen down her thoughts when she missed him; a watch to remind her that it was just a matter of time and one day they would be together, hand in hand, a personalised T-shirt for her with a cute message, and a special trophy to remind her that the two of them were meant for each other.

Birthday Surprise

Every little thing that would fit into the list of birthday gifts for her; a beautiful dress, a smart pair of shoes, a fragrant perfume, a makeup kit, the list of surprise gift ideas just didn’t stop. Then there was also our special touch to it, of giving her birds to fly. In this beautiful love story, the bird played a role of the messenger like in olden days. She sent the bird to fly carrying a beautiful message of love to her fiance.

best birthday gifts for her

Then there were firecrackers along with lovely sky lanterns to light up the sky on the special occasion of her birthday. As she watched the sky filled with a glow, the same reflected on her face; she just couldn’t stop blushing with joy. She had one of the best birthday surprises for fiance indeed! With all these lovely birthday gift ideas for her and abundant love from everyone, she had great contentment.

birthday surprise for fiance

Her fiance watched his queen celebrate her birthday in complete awe and seemed very happy to be a part of the celebration all through. They were a perfect example of a successful long-distance relationship making an extraordinary love story.

Creating Matchless Memories

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