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Say ‘Happy Birthday’ to the man that is ‘Perfect’ for you!

A good marriage is created not merely by marrying the right person, but also in being the right partner; where the husband feels admired and loved by his wife, and the wife feels adored and cared for by her husband!

Surprise for Husband

A successful marriage is thousands of little things put together. It’s in that lovely smile you wake up to every morning and the one whose arms you rush into when you get home. It is standing together through thick and thin; with the promise of never giving up on your relationship in times of adversity. It is sacrificing and forgiving; giving up your right to be right always! It is a blend of friendship, faith and endless compassion; it’s ‘LOVE’.

You Love Being Your Husband’s Wife!

Obviously! And you would go for a kill had there been someone else! You are the only awesome wife your husband could ever have. It reflects all over your face when you have a good husband. It is every girl’s fairy tale dream to have the perfect partner.

Birthday Flowers

Presenting to you a fantastic partner to her husband is our beautiful customer! A lovely wife who wanted to wish her darling husband in a very special way. She wanted him to know that no matter what happens, he is the king to rule her heart and that she couldn’t imagine her life without him. She wanted to explicitly express her love and gratitude to the most special man in her life who was her reason to smile!

She came to us with this idea of surprising her husband on his birthday. She was the most excited customer we have come across in recent times. All her enthusiasm and eagerness was to show her gratitude to her spouse for sharing his life with her. She wanted him to realise that in the whole wide world he was the only one who would ever matter to her.

Showtime Guys!

The day had arrived; her man’s most special day, and the most important day for her too! AS decided, this birthday surprise was to be at an outdoor venue – Aalankrita Resorts. She and her husband, along with their sweet little son, were off to this beautiful 4-star resort to celebrate the Big Day.

Surprise Gifts for men

Aalankrita Resort was a delightful place to be in; made in accordance with the beauty of nature. This was undoubtedly the best place to celebrate her darling husband’s birthday. One would surely be taken with Aalankrita’s ethnic theme in detailed architecture along with its breathtaking landscape and scenery. Indeed, with abundant greenery and horticulture, this property is of great leisure to any guest. With a calm and serene environment, it surely disposes of your stress! So, her choice to celebrate the happiness of her husband was definitely a remarkable one.

Birthday Gifts

As their small family was just settling in the mood of celebration of this big day, we popped in with her surprise! Her husband was more shocked than surprised. He was totally unaware of this birthday surprise that his wife had planned for him. Taken with a swirl of happiness he couldn’t help but beam with joy and pride for his wife. His wife then handed to him a bouquet of fresh and bright roses as a symbol of her infinite love for him! They were so happy, a couple to see!

Date with family

Their little kid was the most enthusiastic amongst all of us. He kept jumping and dancing around the place in the excitement of his father’s birthday. He was in a very playful mood, especially after looking at the bright coloured balloons and flowers and chocolates. He couldn’t resist but jump in the joy. The kid seemed so thrilled with the entire event that he was actually not understanding what to do.

Next, came in a lovely, decorated, flavour bursting cake! As he sliced through it blowing his birthday candles, we all wished him good luck for his future and love from his family. His wife then unwrapped an array of exclusively selected gifts for him. She was very particular about each gift that she chose, and made sure that each of them had an emotional and romantic touch to it. Right from the greeting card selection, to a magic mug with a pic full of love, to a huggable heart pillow! Every gift, she made sure, had a special sentiment attached to it.

Gifts for Husband

She had also ordered a special collage to made for her husband with all their beautiful memories from the past years. Memories being a timeless treasure of the heart are special moments that describe any story. Surrounded by loved ones, in a story that is yours to tell from moments that have already been shared to be carried in the heart forever, a collage is a beautiful depiction of love!

In the middle of all this celebration, nobody would have guessed what their naughty brat was up to. He had a private setup with our photographer and went around posing for the camera. He ran through the luscious green grass, sometimes rolling, sometimes tripping, but made sure that he got some outstanding clicks to himself. The lovely couple too got some amazing shots and were extremely happy with the celebration. Oh, what happy little family they made! They were the perfect example of the quote stating “The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.”

Bidding Good Luck!

Here we go, bidding farewell and good luck to this sweet little family. Having a domino effect of ‘Happy Customers’ we are proud of the fact we get to create these small moments of happiness in people’s lives. Every customer brings in their experience and the story of their life with a varied set of emotions attached to it, and we offer them a platform to put these emotions to life!

Birthday Wishes for Him

Making ordinary moments special and extraordinary is what we aim for. We love to spread love in your lives.

Our top most priority is ‘Customer Delight’, for that’s our job, spreading the joy! A Happy Customer is walking and talking advertisement of our service. We are proud of the fact that we possess the right amount of creativity to keep our customers happy.

Everyone wants happiness, and we are happy to be the reason behind so many smiles every single day!

That’s all Folks! Until next time…