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A Flight Of Joy – Live a Moment of Fun Mid-Air

Ever wished if you were a bird? To soar high in the sky; to fly without having much to care about anything in the world, but just be happy flying. What a lovely feeling to go singing in the sky with clouds passing by, to view the highest mountain along the skyway lane.

As much fun it is for us to fly away with wings; we cannot be birds for sure. That’s a reality check to us. Nonetheless, we can any day enjoy a private helicopter ride which would give us a close experience relating to flying high! This airplane ride is a thrilling and adrenaline pumping experience that puts all your senses overload.

Mini Tankbund

Savour this very special experience and earn a true-legendary status among your friends. So depart from your daily boring schedule of monotonous activities and touch the highest point of excitement in your life; literally ‘Sky high’. Reach ‘Cloud 9’ in its true sense and be a part of this stupendous moment and a unique sightseeing opportunity – enjoy the skyline in a flight ride and take a private helicopter ride.

Not everybody gets a chance to live this moment and have fun mid-air.

Live the Fantasy!

Oh, you already have that wide grin from ear to ear! Take some time to sink in the thought of this totally unique experience you are going to encounter. You can now live this fantasy! Give a treat to your visuals and have this thrilling experience of the sweeping scenery below you as your flight pilot cruises over stunning landmarks.

A private airplane ride in Hyderabad gives you a splendid and dramatic birds-eye view of one of the best cities in India. Take a glide and experience some real flying while you enjoy the scenic view of the City of Nizams. See the sailboats dotting the beautiful Hussain Sagar lake or have a breath-taking view of the pristine-looking Sanghi Temple, or just have fun in trying to identify the different landmarks you might pass by every day, but fail to notice in the crush of traffic.

So just don’t believe our word blindly, just go into the air, and find out for yourselves!

Cessna 172 Aircraft

Cessna 172 Aircraft

Live life king-size and enjoy the panoramic view and exhilarating aerial adventure of a helicopter ride in Hyderabad – The City of Nizams from this world-class Cessna 172 Skyhawk Aircraft. Taking you thousands of feet above the ground to take pleasure in enjoying the aerial view of the city, you are sure to have a once in a lifetime experience with the breathtaking beauty of the city in the comfort of a world-renowned Cessna Aircraft.

Aircraft Cabin

Get an opportunity to see Hyderabad, sitting comfortably in a small fixed-wing plane.Get a real-time flying experience which is way beyond the experience you get in a passenger airline. There is an indescribable thrill of flying low in an aircraft that slowly takes you through the city giving you a completely different perspective of the city.

A well-trained and experienced instructor pilot with extensive aviation experience and impeccable safety records mark the beginning of your affair with flying. The entire experience will be inclusive of pre-flight briefing and safety harnessing; a package for two while you can add an extra person with additional cost.

Fly in the Skies of Hyderabad

P.S – Don’t forget your camera!

Landmarks Covered –

The city of Hyderabad has a coexistence of two parallel worlds within itself – one containing plush life residential areas and IT buildings, while the other is of numerous historic monuments. As you go pondering over this large city your sight will capture spectacular views of the city’s favorite spots and tourist alike places.


Charminar in Aerial View

Get a mesmerising view of ‘The Charminar – Four Minarets’; the prime attraction of Hyderabad. You will be able to locate bustling markets with hundreds of visitors strolling in and out of the city’s most iconic structure. The aerial view of this Islamic Architecture pulverised with limestone, marble, mortar and granite is definitely worth watching!

The Falaknuma Palace

Taj Falaknuma in Bird-Eye View

Perched atop the city of pearls the Taj Falaknuma Palace is a mirror of the sky settled among the clouds. As you view this masterpiece from the soaring sky you are sure to be awestruck with its timeless elegance and the glimpse of imperial lifestyle.

Outer Ring Road

Outer Ring Road from Top View

Get a birds-eye view to the expressway encircling the city of Hyderabad. As you see these radial roads connecting other suburbs you get to realise that the city of Hyderabad make it to the list of most beautiful and most developed cities in India.

Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City

As you sit comfortably in your aircraft, you get to enjoy a spectacular eagle’s eye view of the largest integrated film city in Telangana and the largest studio complex in the world. Meandering through small hillocks, Ramoji Film City is a world of fantasy in itself.

Sanghi Temple

Sanghi Temple

The Sanghi temple is a serene, Hindu temple situated in a hillock is characterised by a tall and pristine architecture. Flying through the beautiful landscape of Hyderabad, you can point out this mesmerising temple architecture from quite a distance.

Take on the air and explore Hyderabad in a way like never before; this city is surely pearled with plenty of attractions, from Hussain Sagar, Chowmahalla Palace, Necklace Road, Buddha Statue, extravagant malls, and several heritage monuments, parks and gardens. So listen carefully to the guidelines and instructions of the expert pilot and get on board to capture the sights of the countless attractions of the city with sleek buildings and district houses that will grasp your attention. And make sure you do not hesitate to ask the pilot details if something intriguing catches your glimpse. As you fly over this bustling city the beautiful panorama will take you in a different world altogether.

The Joy of Gifting!

Make your loved ones feel like celebrities and superstars on their special day or any important occasion; by gifting them this unique experience of a Joy Ride. This gifting option is sure to make you the most popular among your friends and family members. This special gift will ensure to give the recipient a never before look and feel of Hyderabad – The City of Pearls. The receiver gets an opportunity of sitting comfortably in their armchair of a small private plane of world-class quality. All you have to do is watch their faces light up in wonder and awe to the best gift they have ever received.

Birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, achievements, a declaration of love or whatever it is you want to celebrate; gift your loved one a joy ride of their favourite city. We bring to you the best packages for joy rides because it is not every day that you do something so special for a person in your life. We would help you to add charm to the occasion with our surprise in the air packages, while you enjoy making memories of a lifetime with your dear ones!