How To Maintain Your Flower Arrangements Fresh And Vibrant!

A lot of us order fresh flowers online as gifts as well as receive flowers as gifts. It is a very common practice and is widely accepted as a favorable behavior during festive seasons or special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day, etc. Sometimes we even send flowers for funerals. But a lot of us forget one thing – fresh flower arrangements! Yes, it is a very important to gift flowers to loved ones and receive flowers from loved ones, but it is even more important to keep this gift alive for a long time. It means that we need to keep our flowers fresh and vibrant for a long time. It gives respect and value to the gift too.

How to maintain your flower arrangements fresh and vibrant!

Fresh Flower Arrangement Tips

It is a good thing to maintain the online gifted flowers in a fresh state to experience its beauty for a longer period. The main thing that we need to remember while preserving flowers is that we need to keep it away from the direct sunlight. It is a vital aspect to maintaining the flowers in a fresh and vibrant state. The sunlight or the sun rays have a drastically bad effect on the preservation of the state of the flowers. Thus, it is vital to make sure that they do not affect the flowers. It is especially true for delivered flowers.

Another important thing to do is make sure that the flower arrangement is watered every few hours. By watered, we mean that the flowers need to be sprayed with water and kept in a moist state to ensure that the flowers do not dry out. There is another positive aspect to spraying the flowers with water apart from keeping the flower arrangement fresh. The stems of the flowers will thrive with being watered in regular intervals of time. It is mainly because the stems have the ability to absorb the water even after being cut from the root. This ability of the stem keeps the stems in a good state and helps them thrive for a longer period when compared to not watering them. It is an excellent way to maintain the online flower  fresh and vibrant.

These two things to do are probably what comes to everyone’s mind when the want to preserve their flowers in a fresh and vibrant state. But there is a further good practice that helps keep the fresh flower arrangement. It is removing the yellow and dried petals from the flower arrangement so that the rest of the leaves get enough air, sunlight and water to thrive and remain fresh for a longer period.

Further, air conditioning can have a negative effect on the petals and stems of a flower arrangement. It is because air conditioners have the property of drying the air around them. It means that there is less amount of moisture in the air around for the petals and stems to absorb.  It can be countered by using humidifiers in the same room as where the flower arrangements are kept. It will ensure that the flowers and the stems of the flower arrangement get enough moisture content to absorb and remain in a fresh and fragrant state for a longer period.

Using these tips, you can keep the fresh flower arrangement in a thriving state for a longer period, thus preserving the beauty of a flower arrangement for a good amount of time. To add to flowers, you can put a smile on your friends, and loved ones face by booking a cake along for them from It can be a wonderful gift this Valentines season.

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