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Sweet 16th Birthday Celebration of My ‘Not So Little’ Girl – Honour and Pride!

The Perfect Simile of a Pearl – Daddy’s Little Angel!

Just as she is born, one of the most beautiful gifts this world has; a little girl fills her father’s heart with pride! Daddy’s Little Angel, she is termed, and the relationship between a father and a daughter is one of the cutest relations on earth! Like a pearl, a girl symbolizes purity and elegance, starting off one way and turning into something beautiful, so much like a young girl turning into a lady with class!

Surprise for Daughter

Right from the stage of an infant, the father of a daughter gets down on the floor – at her level – to play with her. His baby girl was miniature magic in its best form. A perfect angel with a beautiful smile, just standing there in a blank state, for her father to mould. He is the first man in her life, her Hero!

Special Birthday Cake

The most essential part of a daughter’s world is her Dad; someone who took her by the hand when she was little and helped show her the way, providing love, strength and support for the future ahead. He tries to teach her all about life, while she teaches him what life is all about. A dad sets the standards against which his daughter will judge all men and we must not forget that behind every great daughter is an amazing dad, who believed in her and gave wings to her dreams, not caring much about society norms.

Birthday Bite

Little Girl Turning into a Lady!

No matter how old she gets; a daughter will always be a little girl to her father, a little piece of his own heart and soul. Being the strength of a family and the biggest source of happiness, a daughter will forever remain a daughter, no matter her age.

Birthday Wish for Daughter

Dads, as we know, are men of few words. So no matter how deeply they feel for you, they will always fall short of words to express their love and affection. He has this dream for her to have a life full of accomplishments, challenges that she will overcome, meaningful lessons to learn from life, a career that will blossom, and the joy of love and companionship with a special person.

Love from Parents

Let us now get to how big a deal it is for a lovely father to plan a surprise for his little angel turning 16. ‘Sweet 16’ as they call it; the 16th birthday of a girl is a very important milestone in her life as well as her parents. A hint of a woman with the feeling of a little girl still in between, their precious little girl is now a mature person. And all excited about this major occasion in his daughter’s life, this great father plans her a wonderful surprise.

16th Birthday Surprise Ideas

Unlike most dad’s these days who are always engrossed in worldly matters with hardly any time for their family, this man was a father to look up to, for he took the effort of coming down all the way to our office to book his daughter’s 16th birthday surprise. This shows how important this birthday was to him. He could have easily given us a call and speak through the arrangements, like most of our clients would do. But he coming down just showed the level of his love and concern. He wanted to see and take note of everything personally. He had an eye for details and this made the event equally important and special for us too!

Celebrate with Cake


Let’s get the ball rolling!

The big day is here; his daughter turns 16 today and you can see it all over his face, he is so proud of her! He had chosen our best package to celebrate the occasion of his daughter’s birthday and throw her a birthday surprise to remember her entire life. All the arrangements he had planned along with our team were to be put into action today.

Memories with Family

Her dad’s desire of seeing his daughter as a lovely princess had been fulfilled as she really looked like one with a beautifully stoned crown adorning her head. She just couldn’t stop smiling in joy! She was beaming just like the cheerful balloons.

Lo and Behold!

So, first things first, were to surprise her. Knocking at her door with a feeling of celebration we are all extremely excited about this event. As the door opens, we all jump up to her with birthday wishes, having all her family and friends gathered.

Birthday Celebration with Family

Just as she began to sink in the feeling of surprise her friends and family popped in to bring her adorable gifts; each as unique and special as her. Designed especially for his daughter, this loving father had a series of gifts each having its own importance to be handed over to her on this very special day. She brought in her birthday a grand cake cutting ceremony with all the people important in her life standing right by her side. Her brother couldn’t resist himself from smearing some yummy cake right onto the birthday girl’s face. Little brothers, I tell you, they love doing this!

Surprise for Sister

Her father made sure we had everything in place and that not even a single moment of this auspicious day would pass by making his princess feel special. So, she had it right there, everything that a girl would expect as a gift for her 16th birthday, flowers, chocolates, soft toys, huggable cushions, greeting cards, cupcakes, a mug, a photo collage, lots of balloons and probably everything you could think of!

You must be now wondering, What is so special about these gifts? They are just regular gifts for any regular birthday party. Here we bring to you our special elements for this special occasion.

Customised Balloon Decor – Amidst all this celebration; maintaining secrecy we set up her room with brightly popped and colorful balloons with a huge number balloon placed appropriately saying ‘16’. All she had to do was walk through the room in joy and amazement to realize the awesome birthday surprise her dad had planned for her.

A video message – Wishes pouring in from all friends and family in the form of a consolidated video message was played for her. It made her feel special beyond comparison. She felt blessed and overwhelmed to know how much she was loved and that all the people in her life had so many expectations out of her, as she was walking into this new phase of life.

A fishbowl – A beautiful looking fishbowl with colourful pebbles really seemed to excite her and made her scream with joy, spreading laughter all around. She was extremely happy to meet her new friends and began caressing them with love! This gift would be a calming way that she could spend her free time in.

Giving Birds a flight – This gift her father chose was her was very symbolic in nature. It stood for ‘Freedom’. The freedom that he wanted his daughter to possess; the freedom of thought and expression. He wanted his daughter to be free in a society that tries to keep girls bounded by norms and gender biased rules. By handing over these birds to her for her to leave in the sky, he meant to explain to her that he will always stand by her and give her the wings to fly. He will believe in her, every step of the way so that she can overcome all the hurdles that come in her way, leading her to great heights.

Freedom for Birds

Live Music – A special attraction to the evening was a live musician who played melodious pieces to make the evening more lively. It is well known to all of us that music is an important part of any celebration. So while the music was being played everyone sat down to enjoy it.

A Starlit Sky – Last, but not the least came in the firecrackers and the sky lanterns. Having their own bit of enjoyment these elements had everyone mesmerized with happiness. She enjoyed the firecrackers lighting up the dark sky and looked at them with a childlike amaze. The sky lanterns could not help but just enhance the beauty of the entire evening!

Clientes Felices – The Hero of our Story!

Taking that extra mile for the happiness of your loved ones is what keeps us going. It is our job to make every aspect of customer experience a little better; because people may forget what you said and did, but they will never forget how you make them feel!

Birthday Gifts

So, we take pride in increasing our list of happy customers by the day by not merely communicating, but ‘connecting’ with them! The enthusiasm to pick out minute details about your relationships is what is of utmost importance to us. Our world definitely revolves around our ‘Happy Customers’!