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Calling in for Double Celebrations – Celebrations Created with Love!

The tiny little threads that hold people for many many years together is what brings up a great marriage! Only two people strong enough to forgive each other and make certain sacrifices at each level make a happy marriage. They enjoy their differences and progress through their relationship working together to keep each other happy. It seems very charming to be in a communion of a good marriage; where both, the husband and the wife realise that they are on the same side, instead of two different entities.

As a wise person once said, “You come to love not by finding the right person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

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Everybody has a friend whom they confide in, a friend who knows their deepest secret and has stood by him in the tests of time. An age old friendship is like fine wine; only getting better by the day. And the times that you share with your friend become so precious to you that you start seeing them more like family! Your best friend becomes a part of your daily life, a part of your family, in the course of life.

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Your partner in marriage and your best friend; these two together stand like two pillars of strength. One must be really lucky to have both of these precious relations in their life to savour.

We now present to you two lovely couples who bonded over the relationship more like a family than just being friends.

The More the Merrier!

With most children going abroad to pursue their higher studies these days or to build their career; it seems difficult to see a complete family celebration. But blessed are those parents whose kids make out the time for their parents to show them their love and appreciation. Same is the case here; with both the kids staying abroad, the family had missed out on many important occasions and celebrations in the past few years. They missed having fun, and singing and dancing together.

Wedding Anniversary Ideas

So they plan to celebrate; and celebrate for what? Just like that you see; because that’s the thing with life, you have to make ordinary days extraordinary by just showing some love. So what do these guys plan? They just give us a call! All they want us to do is cover up for their missed out occasions and enjoy some fun time with their parents. They want to make up for all the years they have missed out on their parents anniversary, and give them the best anniversary gifts for parents anyone could have ever thought of; they just want their parents to feel special.

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Also, they have another couple, who are just like family to them. Their fathers share an age old friendship. So they get together with the other couple’s children too and decide to give their parents a surprise!

A surprise having a double celebration; where everything would be just doubled! We now head for this double celebration. This was an extraordinary event to us, because it was the first time we would be a part of celebrating the happiness the two families at one go. This means, twice the fun,double the marriage anniversary gifts, doubled the happiness and also, double the hard work to create that magic!

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Double Trouble? Nah, Just Double Fun!

We gather these two families, just as if they were having a small get together, and here we come knocking on their door, bringing to them the best moment of their lives. They were so very happy that they children were so concerned about them. They were really swamped with this gesture of their kids towards them.

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We now open our bags, and what do we have in store this time? We have everything that counts for wedding anniversary gift ideas in the count of two. Two sets of lovely heart shaped balloons, two bouquets of beautiful roses, two grand cakes, two wishboards wishing them a lifetime of togetherness. We also recreate a small moment of their marriages by making them exchange garlands, like their wedding day. These were indeed a special anniversary gift ideas for couples as they made them go back in time to the day of their marriage! And just to add some fun to the occasion, the two gentlemen went down on their knees, asking their beloved partners to stand by them till eternity. It was so much fun to watch the two couples reliving old memories. We heard stories of the friendship of the two gentlemen; about how they enjoyed their days of youth, and all the times they have had a hearty laugh. Every word they said was filled with so much enthusiasm that it made us feel like we were living that moment with them.

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They told us many stories of their life; how they got across life’s hurdles one after the other with the support of each other. Overcoming the challenges that life throws at us becomes much more easier when you have an understanding and supportive partner by your side. Their story threw light on the fact that good and successful marriage requires a lot of dedication and hardwork. Loving each other and respecting each other every single day of the journey of marriage is what makes it admirable!

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So we ended up in an evening filled with lots of fun and frolic along with a great lesson of companionship to learn. Presenting to them anniversary gifts on this very special day of their wedding anniversary was also very different from the usual events. Here we had two times the celebration we have always had. Singing and dancing the evening passed by in a jiffy. Last but not the least we gifted to them a lovely idol if Ganesh. Ganesh symbolises harmony, health, and prosperity. Our anniversary gift to them wishing them all the three is a classic gift that any family would love to have. All of us were extremely obliged and happy that we got to witness this lovely bond of friendship and marriage over so many years.

Good Bye till next time!

Saying goodbye to the two lovely little families we walk out with a feeling of delight in our hearts. There is so much to learn from so many people! Every person that we come across has their story of how they came up in life, with the support of their loved ones.

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Like we always say; your relationships are very important us! We love to celebrate your life fabulously. By endlessly engaging you in fun filled events, we love to create magical moments for our ‘Happy Customers’ one event at a time. We love to bring to life your ideas of surprising your dear ones and create for you, memories in time. Celebrations of love and good life moments is what we hope to bring for you, always! Creating experiences that you will never forget, big or small, we make it happen for you for a day like no other!