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Love is the Music to Life’s Song!

The great Shakespeare quotes, “If music be the food of love, play on!”

It has always been said that music is magic, having a tremendous impact on your emotional state.  Music has said to be the form of expressing emotions since the very birth of mankind. When you make music with someone, you are said to be sharing with them a sense of trust, compassion, and empathy.


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Music is said to evoke a range of emotions within us; from sad to happy, and calm, and joyous. And also, nothing instantly connects two people so much as love does. Let us introduce to you two people who bonded over simple songs defining a whole new level of a normal love story. The guy and girl got stringed to each other over musical notes leading to a rhythm of Love.

Let us witness a musically bonded love story and feel the magic of music.

‘Music is Love, Love is Music.’

A young guy, running his own institute of classical musical and a passionate music lover himself was hardly aware of the fact that his passion towards music would give a whole new meaning to his life, guiding him to his Love. Just the same way, this young lady, an aspiring singer, too did not know that her love for music would bring her straight down to her Soulmate.

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Like any other normal day these two were busy with their lives, he teaching music and she being his student. But they had this strange connection between them, a bonding of affection. They had this feeling that they sort of complemented each other. Gradually, they came to a point where they thought they could rely on each other with music as well as with life. So they talk it out and express their love for each other. They also get their families to approve of their relationship and were the happiest people in the world.

Surprise for Wife

They were getting married soon! Everything was set; their love for music had got them a long way through. Apart from the happiness of sharing their entire life together, there was another big day that was round the corner; the pretty woman’s birthday. And there would be no better way for this young lad to express his love to her and make her feel special, other than giving her a birthday surprise and making her feel on top of the world!

On Top of The World Indeed!

Now this guy, very literally had plans to take his lady love on top of the world; and we were just a phone call away. His birthday surprise for his to be wife, was to take her up in the air; giving her one of the best birthday gifts she has ever received. Discussing the necessary details we seal the deal.

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And, here it is; the birthday girl arrives not knowing what is going to happen. And far from a distance she sees this private airplane awaiting them. Flabbergasted with joy, she was in complete awe of her fiance. The two of them headed off for a romantic joyride after being carefully instructed by a very well experienced pilot. They took off their flight filled with love, straight to the skies! Now you get it, she was actually on top the world, wasn’t she?

Birthday Surprise

Amidst the clouds, high up in the air, the two of them had the most spectacular view of the cityscape, covering the iconic spots of the city. They had a breathtaking view and an experience like never before, as they romantically flew through the city in their private aircraft. While the two of them enjoyed their romantic joyride, having a beautiful view of the city beneath them, our team was awaiting them with another huge set of surprises. We had planned the best birthday surprise with the best birthday gifts for her.

Gifts for Her

Right After the Ride, We had more for her!

As she touched the ground, she saw the place wasn’t the same as she left it while taking off. There were colorful balloons all over, with a mild fragrances of a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers. Little did she know that this was just the beginning of the birthday gift ideas her fiance had planned for her. There were chocolates, cupcakes, donuts, and many little sweet things for his darling’s birthday surprise.

Surprise Birthday Celebrations

Coming in next was a huge, fancy cake made exclusively for her. As she cut the cake with tremendous joy in her heart, our team added to the sparkle of that moment with some party pops and a wish board penned musically for her. She was extremely glad with her partner’s effort to bring in such lovely birthday gifts for her. And the gentleman took this opportunity, and went down straight on his knees to propose to her. Though he knew what the answer was, he wanted to do it to make her feel special; and after all it is every girl’s dream, that her man goes down on his knees to ask her for marriage!  

Surprise in the air

The two of them, being such passionate music lovers, thoroughly enjoyed the live music arrangement we had for them. This setup became just a little more magical with the touch of music. As they sang to each other songs of love, we couldn’t help but sit down and enjoy some of it too. They were really good and they actually complemented each other perfectly. Every word of every song that they sang seemed like it was composed just for them, like it was their own, the depiction of their own love story to tell. The entire atmosphere was filled with the essence of romance and love.

Taking off on a Note of Love!

And, we call it a day, taking off on a musical note. This was a wonderful day immersed in love and music. It did make us all realize how powerful the impact of music can be on people’s heart and soul; leaving them deeply connected.

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We loved the feeling of love their story spread and they were very thankful to us for the lovely evening they had. The birthday girl really did enjoy her birthday surprise to her best. She was so full of gratitude by the end of the day that she couldn’t stop gleaming. They made a really adorable couple.

We take leave from our yet another set of happy customers wishing them good luck and a very happy married life! Creating an individual experience with each customer having their own story to tell is the key to keep our customers happy!