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Birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend who deserves nothing but the best.

Happy birthday to the world’s best boyfriend!

ideas for birthday surprise for boyfriend

Birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend could be a tricky thing. It takes a lot of presence of mind, a lot more effort and most importantly a creative mind and lots and lots of planning. Surprises do not pop up in one day or overnight, to create a birthday surprise you need to start planning all the way from the very beginning. You need to make sure you give all those efforts back to him, that he puts for you in order to make you happy and the different and creative ways in which he tries to show his affection towards you.  

It will a very difficult job to do all of these in one single day, but then that is the challenge that how do you make every single minute of his special day count! Creativity can hit you at any moment, but then it hits really hard when you do not need it. Nevertheless, you can leave with ideas when you finish reading this article.[1]

Now if your boyfriends birthday still has time, like for say a month. Then this could be the best time period to start working on with a surprise for him. Now, all this is great rough work, you could put this plan execution when his birthday is just a week away. But let me tell you that you need to open all the windows and doors to let creativity flow in and sink within.  

Countdown mail or messages

creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

I’m sure all of us are aware of the timely message services provided by all these mailing and messaging platform. You can try and write down emails and messages with all your heart open to your feelings. Do not act as a miser. If you can play with words and could come with any kind of writing, basically I mean to say that if you are good at writing, then you can compose your own personalized messages and could do it your way. Okay, now what if you aren’t good at writing, then you could make the internet as your best friend and could look for articles, letters, poems, anything that you like and think could gel well in your message. Do not forget to mention the countdown number. You can set a timer and there you go, even if you are alone with him or elsewhere he would just receive your mail on time. Now, this is a very creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend but at the same time requires a lot of effort. But, I can tell you one thing for, for this, he is just going to fall very hard for you, and definitely will top the list of birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend.

Send Ghosts Of Surprise Gifts

creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

This is one of the birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend that requires a great deal of planning and some intense efforts to bring about the best results. They say that giving surprise gifts to your boyfriend is a nice idea but giving surprises is better because it gives your romantic partner a special feeling. So for this creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend you need a third party person who will keep the anticipation of your boyfriend’s birthday alive by sending timely gifts and cute notes as elements of surprise to him. For this, you will have to know perfectly your boyfriends daily routine, and this information is to be received in a manner that your boyfriend doesn’t get a hint about your plan.

To pull of this brilliant idea you need to hire person or get a cute kid in your family to do the job. You have to catch your boyfriend off guard. Like say, this unknown person or kid can suddenly go up to him or tap him and present him with a surprise gift for boyfriend. This same thing is to be done multiple times in the day without letting him know that these birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend are orchestrated by you. Maintain secrecy till you reach the main gift that is to be presented by you.[2]

Pretend To Forget His Birthday

surprise birthday party ideas for boyfriend

If you are good at pulling off a good act or if you love drama, then these birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend are just apt for you. You will surely need some brilliant convincing skills to make your boyfriend feel that you have actually forgotten that it is his birthday. You can do so by acting busy all through the day and ignoring his phone calls and not meeting him. You have to behave in this manner until you come out with a big bang of surprise birthday party ideas for boyfriend. And obviously, you will have to make sure that he has no other plans at all.

Contact all of his close friends and maybe colleagues or family members whom he would like to celebrate his birthday with and tell them not to show any interest in celebrating the birthday of your boyfriend and not be part of any plans that he makes. Plan a big surprise party for him with all of these people waiting for him. At the last minute, call him to the venue and pop up with your surprise. It will give you sheer delight to watch his saddened little face glow up with joy. He is sure to fall in love with you all over again after witnessing these birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend planned by you.

Wake Him Up To A Surprise

romantic surprises for boyfriend birthday

How exciting it will be to watch your man wake up to some really happening surprise birthday party ideas for boyfriend? This is the most unexpected thing that you can do for him on his birthday that is sure to blow his mind off. All you need to execute these birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend is access to his bedroom. So start running your brains around and think of a wonderful decoration idea and a brilliant birthday gift for him. For this plan to work out you don’t even need any sort of pre-planning. All of it has to be done within the spur of the moment.

One way to make this plan work best is when he has gone to take a shower. Quickly create a small party like atmosphere with some bright and colorful balloons, floral arrangements, a delicious birthday cake, and a few party poppers. Once you have all these celebration elements and your surprise birthday gift in place you are all set to execute this very creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend. Once he is out of the shower he will be thrilled with delight to watch you with your surprise party for him and will love you even more for all the efforts that you put in to make him happy and his birthday extra special.[3]

Sending him one gift each day

surprise birthday party ideas for boyfriend

You can plan all the different gifts for all the six days. Why six days? Oh! Don’t be silly the seventh say would be his birthday. Now, coming back to the plan, you can plan and buy all nice and innovative presents and birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend, keep sending it to him all through the week. Let me make it more simple for you, for instance for day one you just send him a bouquet with a message on it, then on the second day you could send a picture frame of him and you and this could go on till the sixth day. But make sure go have someone delivering all of these for you to him, because there is no point if they don’t reach him on time.   

This all that you could have for starters, now coming to the main course (i.e); his birthday.

Plan a surprise party

unique birthday gifts for boyfriend

The best way to surprise him could be that you and your gang just drop down to his place in the middle of the night and then surprise him with cake and balloons. Now, this could just be considered as a way to tell him “let the celebrations begin”, this a quite common way but still deserves to be called as surprise birthday party ideas for boyfriend.

A quiet party for just the two of you: It would be quite unfair if you just not let him spend time with his own friends. So let him celebrate the midnight with his friends and then reserve him for you for the rest of the day. And then you can just start with your own plans that you have for him and name them as creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend. Select a nice place which has a great food, ambience and most of all a good space to have everything that you planned for him. Get the place decorated beautifully and according to your boyfriend’s taste, cut a cake, order some nice food, talk, laugh and spend time, ask a  photographer to capture all the candid and glorious moments. Fill the place with his favourite playlist in the background. Sounds like a perfect surprise birthday party ideas for boyfriend, doesn’t it?

Birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

Here we come back to the point from where we started, I know it like this infinite loop that you just cannot skip. Do you think a birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend would end without a creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend? Here are some unique birthday gifts for boyfriend.

A watch

birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

 if your boyfriend is crazy and keeps drooling about watches and brands, then this should be just the perfect gift to present it to him on his birthday. Keep an eye on the latest collection of his favourite brands and buy him on, making it a nice idea for birthday surprise for boyfriend .

A Handmade Yearbook

ideas for birthday surprise for boyfriend

Another birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend includes, I’m sure every time you hang out with your boyfriend you never miss to click pictures. Now here is another unique birthday gifts for boyfriend , get printed hard copies of the best pictures, go to a stationery store near to you and buy some funky scrapbook, now start sticking all the images to the left side of the scrapbook and on the right-hand side you could write the date, time and place, it will not be difficult, you can find these details. Then give each day a different and unique name, and could just write in brief how you spent the day together, what made the day memorable one, add bloopers if any, I guess this could be the best unique birthday gifts for boyfriend and he is just going to love it.[5]

Anything that he likes

creative birthday ideas for boyfriend

Buy him anything that he likes, like his favorite eatables, his favourite games CD or his favorite book or pen or perfume. Ask him to name anything and tell him that it would be presented right away. You can present these gift items to him separately or make a cute little gift basket with all the items placed in a fancy manner along with cute decorations to make it look even more appealing. This idea of gifting him anything that he likes instantly is like a virtual spree that you have planned for him which we guarantee you is something that he will fall hard for.

There is never a concept known as a perfect birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend , but you can always define them your way with your own ideas for birthday surprise for boyfriend. Make your boyfriend feel loved and special with you efforts to plan for him the best ideas of celebration on his birthday. Let him know how joyous and enthusiastic you are to celebrate his birthday with him.

It doesn’t matter if you have been following the conventional surprises till date, go out of your way and plan for these creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend that are bound to make the occasion thrilling and exciting for both of you. Do something out of the box this year and pick the most unique ones from our brilliant list to suit your taste and preferences. Give him a surprise that he must have least expected!

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