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Make a Gesture of Love – Plan a Special Birthday Surprise for Husband This Year!

The ingredients to a happy and successful marriage are varied and mysterious in many ways. The concept of arranged marriages in India comes with its own charm. The most important and beautiful thing about arranged marriage is that it helps foster the sense of determination in an individual; the determination to make their marriage work, come what may! The couple makes a conscious decision to stick together through good or bad. As time passes, the prime focus is on loving each other more, day after day. Arranged marriages show a typical process of gradually falling in love when you get to know your spouse better and are attracted to some of their traits.


Such marriages have a great chance of turning into beautiful and fulfilling, lifelong relationships. A deep sense of belonging is developed in the couple and every quality appears beautiful. One of the most divine forms of a relationship, the couple in an arranged marriage grow together and are happy with each other. There is different sort of excitement right from the beginning of the relationship in a way that you look forward to knowing your partner, having a lot to explore about each other. There is a strong sense of commitment and mutual respect, caring for each other and both the families respectively.

Winning your Man’s Heart!

birthday present for husband

It is our utmost pleasure to introduce to you this wonderful couple that got into an arranged marriage almost ten years down the line and seems to be very happy with their small and sweet family. The husband is very well settled, both personally and professionally, with a loving wife who is a happy homemaker with two precious and sweet little daughters. As we have now understood that arrange marriages are characterised with a strong bond of love and respect for each other, this couple gave us a real idea of how perseverance and unfaltering faith in each other leads to a successful marriage.

Balloon surprise for husband

For the first time in ten years, this lovely wife planned a birthday surprise for husband. She wanted to express her love and respect towards him by planning this special birthday surprise for husband. As the lovely couple was now in the most blissful phase of their marriage and family life, she wanted a shower of excellent surprise gifts for husband on his birthday. Bringing this straight from the heart idea to us, she made sure that she chose the best package of birthday surprise for husband that offered her a wide range of unique birthday gifts for husband.

romantic birthday gifts for husband

At the arrival of the big day, we reach their home, all set for a fun event. With the door opening to happy screams of birthday cheers and party poppers, we had two little girls who seemed very excited about their dad’s birthday. As we are warmly welcomed into the house, we witness a very romantic moment of the wife going down on her knees to make her husband feel really special. She gives a beautiful bouquet of roses as a birthday present for husband and a very expressive wish board. Being a true gentleman, her husband too got down on his knees and gracefully received the flowers by giving his wife a heartfelt hug.

special birthday surprise for husband

Birthday Celebrations – A Happy Family!

The little girls couldn’t just couldn’t contain their joy were waiting for the yummy birthday cake to be cut eagerly. The sweet family gathered to have a cake cutting ceremony which was followed by the onset of gift giving. There were plenty of creative birthday gifts for husband lined up; there was a nice big mug for him to relax and sip his favorite drink, a lovely photo collage of the entire family and their wonderful moments, a cuddly emoticon pillow, sweet treats in the form of cupcakes, chocolates and doughnuts, just about everything to make him feel on top of the world. All of these romantic birthday gifts for husband were planned by his beautiful and caring wife.

creative birthday gifts for husband

The two little girls too wished their father with a lovely and heart-warming birthday wish. Any father’s heart would fill with pride to listen to their daughters come up with a birthday speech. They all seemed very fond of each other as a family and were happy in their own little world. There was also a balloon surprise for husband, in which we carried with us hundreds of helium balloons to cover their entire house. The girls then presented their father with lovely red colored balloons that added to the glory and brightness of the event of birthday surprise for husband.

Love for the Freedom of Birds..

best birthday gifts for husband

A very special birthday present for husband was a trophy of love that was given to him for the amazing and grounded person he has always been. This gift was remarkable in the sense that all of his lovely ladies were very proud to have him in their lives. Next was the most exciting and thrilling part of the event, the part where the birthday surprise recipient gets to perform and honorable deed of giving freedom to birds. The entire family seemed very impressed with this thoughtful and unique birthday gifts for husband. They come together and set the little birds free with so much joy and happiness that their faces reflected contentment at its peak. Last but not the least was a fun and lively photo-session of the entire family where each one of them posed for the camera, creating matchless memories for the years to come.

Happy You is Happy We!

surprise gifts for husband on his birthday

Looking at the happiness and smiles on the faces of this sweet family, our hearts were filled with warmth. It was our honour and pleasure to come across this family, where each member had abundance love and respect for each other. Also, we got to know the bright side of arranged marriages in Indian culture. Leaving behind a birthday surprise for husband celebration that they would remember for a lifetime, we take leave from them on a very happy note. It has always been a matter of blissful contentment to us to see you happy with the people who matter the most to you!