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Plan a Lively Birthday Surprise for Best Friend – Your Alter Ego!

Friendship is the greatest gift of life. A best friend is someone who makes your problems as their own so that you don’t have to face them all alone. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. A true gift to treasure in a world full of complications; a good friend comes like a little rainbow to brighten our life.


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You trust your best friend blindly, without a second thought their advice is the best one you could get. They are your confidants, who read through your mind even better than you know. Doing stupid things together is the best way to pass time for best friends. A best friend is someone who will never judge you; they tolerate all your crazy habits and just let you be.

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It is the sweetest form of love, to have a friend who is like a mirror to your soul. Someone who knows all about you, even the most embarrassing things, but loves you anyway! Friends touch your hearts in so many little ways; they are people you share your secrets with, laugh with, cry with, and just have fun. They are secret keepers, companions, partners in crime!

Always Together in Spirit!

“Good Friends are like Stars. You don’t always have to see them, but you know that they are always there!”

Friendship leaves an imprint in the heart that can never be diminished by distance. Two people bonded by friendship grow individually through life, but they never grow apart. And these very friends make such a remarkable impact on your life that it becomes hard for you to imagine what life will be without them. Just simply by being there, friends make life beautiful. They help us appreciate the journey of life by joining in being weird with us.

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Such was a bonding of three best friends who were very attached to each other. They met each other in college, as they all were there to get graduated, little did they know that would make friends for a lifetime. They made each other’s life worthwhile and all the years of college passed by very quickly in their friendship. They thoroughly enjoyed their college life, joking around, having fun, studying and also having some deep conversations about life.  They just enjoyed each other’s existence and company for life.

Now one of these three musketeers was supposed to go abroad for higher studies. And the other two would also eventually end up settling their career and themselves. It was a little depressing for them to take in the fact that they would no longer be present to tolerate each other’s madness. And what better way to bid farewell would it be other than celebrating their best friends birthday with unique best friend gifts in a fun way.

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They set to plan a birthday surprise for best friend with unique birthday present ideas. They called and discussed with us about the best birthday surprise ideas for friend. They wanted their best friend to feel elated with joy and smile with pleasure by looking at their choice of birthday gifts for her.

Calling in a Celebration!

The three of them decided that they would spend one of these last celebratory moments of their friendship and make the most of it. Also, the birthday surprise for best friend being an added  element they were sure to have a blast. So they fixed up this venue, a beautiful resort by the outskirts of Hyderabad, surrounded on lush greenery and a serene atmosphere. They thought this was a perfect place to celebrate their friendship.

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As they sat chatting about how their lives were going to take a major turn very soon and were engrossed in some serious discussion, or team popped up with their birthday surprise for best friend. The birthday girl just could not contain her happiness looking at the birthday surprises for her. Her face lit up as brightly as our lovely colored balloons. She had no words to express her joy.

A very pretty bouquet of flowers was presented to her that make her smile like she was the happiest person on earth and had the best set of friends anyone could have. After a fun cake cutting ceremony, they began surprising her with amazing birthday gifts for her. They chose wisely from our range of best friend birthday gifts to make her feel really special.

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They gave her some sweet and tasty chocolate treats along with a cute little smiley pillow that would accompany her and remind her of the lovely friendship they share. Their birthday gifts for her were all selected carefully keeping in mind the relationship and bonding between the three of them. Highly expressive birthday greetings and a wish board to wish her a very happy birthday along with good luck for a great future almost got tears in her eyes. She really felt very lucky to have such friends who planned such outstanding birthday surprises for her.

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They also gave her a trophy as their best friend, which meant that she was one amazing friend they had and that their friendship was for keeps. They would cherish this bond for an entire lifetime. Drifting apart in distance would not make any difference to them and that even if they made new friends, this friendship would mean the most to them, they would always be there in need of each other. This very sentiment made the entire occasion a very special birthday surprise for best friend. All the best friend gift ideas they had chosen for her made her feel really special and on top of the world.

Happy Days of Happy Friends

A great friendship can never be effected with any distance, and neither will any lapse in time reduce the strength of the bond between friends. Beyond words, beyond distances, and beyond time; true friendship stays forever. Friends always love each other, no matter what. It was our great pleasure to witness this sweet friendship and be a part of this event of birthday surprise ideas for friends. Our birthday present ideas were extremely heart-touching for the birthday girl and her friends. All the best friend birthday gifts were loved and adored by the pretty girl.

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Posing beautifully for the camera and getting clicked for some lovely and fun pictures with each other, they bid goodbye us. These pictures they would carry close to their heart while getting busy with their own lives. A friendship of a lifetime, a friendship close to hearts!