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An Extravagant Birthday Surprise for your Queen – Your Mom!

A son’s best and forever friend, his mother, his instinctive philosopher to look up to in times of trouble. The relationship a son shares with his mother is the most influential relationship in a man’s life. Spanning through many years of smiles, tears, worry, and laughter; it is a bond of trust that cannot be broken and a link that cannot be undone.


birthday gift for mother

Being a mother to a son is one of the most difficult tasks in the world. The relationship a mother shares with her son is so powerful that it plays a major part in building up his self-esteem, setting a base for all the other relationships in his life. She guides her son at every step and stage of life, and in turn how a son turns out to be, solely depends on his bonding with his mother.Despite many conflicts, misunderstandings, and varied emotions, a mother-son relationship is the most contending relationship.

birthday surprise for mom

“No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you – Life.” But let’s try!

Always having his mother’s hand to hold through his life, and thankful for her words of encouragement and her silent prayers, we have a son who comes to us to give his mother the most special surprise for her birthday. He wanted his mother to know how richly blessed and proud he was to have a mother like her. To this son, his mother was very precious; an angel put on earth, just for him.

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A mother is a son’s best critic and his strongest supporter. Like a bank, he deposited all his fears and worries in his mother, who in turn, held his hand and got him through the passage of life. His mother was a true gift to him and he knew that he would not trade it even for the most precious thing in the world.

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“Men are what their mothers made them.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Working abroad, he couldn’t spend enough time with his mother. Nonetheless, he wanted his mother to know that even if distance kept them apart, his heart will always be with his mother. Soon the auspicious occasion of his mother’s birthday, he plans to surprise her. He gives us a call and discusses with us various ideas and options of the birthday surprise for mom. He wanted his mother to feel on top of the world and hoped that his surprise was the best birthday gift for mother!

Putting the plan into action!

Having his wife and daughter in town, he used their help along with us to surprise his mother for her birthday. A rainy evening had us all drenching as we reached to surprise his mother. As she saw us all waiting to surprise her with unique gifts for mom, her heart was filled with warmth and love her son had sent her across miles. This birthday surprise for mom, from her son, gave her tears of joy and made her feel on top of the world.

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All her life, his mother had faced struggles and made many sacrifices so that her son could live a comfortable life. On her birthday, he wanted to shower her with the best birthday gifts for mom. Sitting in another corner of the world he wanted to make the day extra special for her. His gift ideas for mom’s birthday consisted of various unique elements that would make his mother happy.

Loads of colorful balloons to cheer her up, beautiful flowers to make her smile, chocolates to make her day even sweeter, an emotionally expressive birthday greeting to know how special she was; all these gifts for mom were lined up and presented to her one after another to make her feel happy. There was a grand cake cutting ceremony with friends and family gathered, along with a colorful burst of party poppers. Accompanying us in the entire event was a very talented musician who added to the glamour of the occasion with some lovely music.

unique gifts for mom

Also, there was an extraordinary photographer, who clicked candid pictures of the entire event, which would create lovely memories to look back to. These photographs were a way of showing her son what his mother felt throughout the birthday surprise. It was a very happy atmosphere to be part of. A cute little fishbowl was presented to her as a special gift for mother, and she was very delighted to watch those little fishes in their happy little abode.

Our next element, of giving flight to birds, was very special among all the birthday gifts for mom. As she took those delicate little birds to let them fly into the air, she recollected the days when she first bid goodbye to her son, so that he could go and follow his dreams. She stood by him and supported him in every way possible, expecting that her son would reach great heights someday; just like birds flying high in the sky. And now that her son was well settled, she was happy to watch him fly.

Happy Customers, Happy We!

This lovely mother was very overwhelmed with the entire event; so much that her tears of joy would not stop flowing. But her heart was very happy indeed. She was really touched by this gesture of her son of the birthday surprise for mom. She felt on top of the world and blessed her son and his little family all the happiness in the world.

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We, as a team was also deeply moved with the entire occasion. It is very true when they say that nobody on earth can replace a mother’s love for her child, and there will be nobody as happy as her to watch her child attain all the success he deserves and live life comfortably.

birthday ideas for mom

It’s time for us to bid goodbye to this lovely mother, leaving her behind with memories she would cherish for a lifetime and keep close to her heart the extraordinary birthday gifts for mom sent by her son. We shall be back soon with another unique idea of the birthday surprise for mom. They say that the blessing of a mother is the most precious and most effective all blessings, and we hope to get millions of such wishes by trying to make hundreds of such mothers happy!