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10 birthday gift ideas for boyfriend that will make him fall harder for you

romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend

Birthday is the most special day in one’s life. Birthdays have to be special and fun. And being an amazing girlfriend that you are, it’s your responsibility for making your boyfriends birthday the best birthday ever. Now the hardest part is thinking of birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. Because guys have very limited things to gift to. But for girls, the range is different and wide. So we put our brains together and have come with some cute birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. We have also found some unique and creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend.

Now coming on to the planning part of any birthday it has to be done in advance depending on where you want to celebrate it. If it’s a specific venue book it in advance to avoid last minute errors.

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Love Notes

birthday gift ideas for boyfriend

One of the best birthday gift ideas for boyfriend are love notes. Love notes are the cutest little things on earth. All you have to do is pour your heart out to your boyfriend. You can write as many as possible or as many as you wish. Put the notes in envelopes and make a trail to a room where you have planned a surprise party or it could be just you in a room full of candles and roses. This is one of the most romantic birthday ideas for boyfriend.[1]

Hunt the gifts

creative birthday ideas for boyfriend

Now ‘Hunt the gifts’ is one of the many cute birthday ideas for a boyfriend. For this, you will need to think a little and write. Firstly decide how many gifts you are planning to give accordingly make questions or clues. Hide the gifts in such a way that the clue or questions should lead it to the gift. Make sure your clues or questions are witty and confusing, don’t make it too easy, let him struggle a little.


creative birthday gifts for boyfriend

Watches are the most amazing birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. Watches are expensive gifts. Watches symbolise time and it’s a great way of announcing how much you love your boyfriend. You can always say that the watch is a way to mark how lovely each minute spent with him is. You can also place a small note inside saying “I remember you all the time”. Just make sure you buy his favourite brand to make him feel more special.[2]

Take him to a game

handmade birthday gift for boyfriend

There is no guy, and we mean it, no guy that doesn’t love sports. If your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and there are any kinda sports matches going around that he is totally obsessed with. Don’t waste time, go and get him the tickets to the match. Trust us, he will be completely blown by this. This is a creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend. After the match, you can arrange some good dinner at a 5-star hotel. Trust us food and sports are the two things that guys can’t deny.

Travel to a concert

birthday gift ideas for boyfriend

Everyone has one favourite singer or band that is close to their hearts. All you have to do is find that favourite singer or band, and see when is their concert. If the concert is luckily around the time of your boyfriends birthday; you have hit a jackpot. If not around his birthday still get him those concert tickets, this will be a very creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend. We are sure he will be head over heels for you after this.[3]

A street poster

creative birthday ideas for boyfriend

Who hasn’t dreamed of posing like an international model and have their posters around the city? Because of Instagram everyone does pose like a model, get his best picture, ask a graphic designer to edit the picture or just do it yourself if you can. Try finding a good spot for the poster, see that it’s affordable for a whole day. Once you’re done with that, get it posted in the area you wanted. At midnight, on his birthday drive up to the place and show him the poster, he will burst out crying we can assure you that. This is an adorable birthday gift ideas for boyfriend.

Farmhouse surprise party

creative birthday gifts for boyfriend

Parties are fun, but a surprise party at a farmhouse is much more fun. For this, you need to invite all his friends and only friends because farmhouse parties can be wild. Make it very clear to the guests that it’s a surprise party so that they don’t confront him. Plan out some fun birthday activities for boyfriend. Fun things that he likes for instance beer pong; it’s always fun to play beer pong with friends. Try set game and activities to keep the party lively.


cute birthday gift ideas for boyfriend

Comics are something every guy has read in his lifetime. And you can still see its effect during comic con. What you have to do is surf the internet and search for genuine seller of the comics he once read as a kid. You can also buy some action figure, any of his favourite superhero. There is always limited edition comic collection with a twist in the storyline of the comic series you can get those too.


romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend

Perfumes and suits two words of luxury. Perfumes are great gifts, try to find out his favourite perfume brand. Get hold of your nearest reseller or you could buy it online make sure it’s genuine. To pair the perfume you can some classy cufflinks with it. This is a simple yet amazing birthday gift ideas for boyfriend.

Scuba diving

creative birthday ideas for boyfriend

Find a good place for scuba diving make sure your boyfriend isn’t afraid of water or fishes otherwise this experience won’t be a good one. You’ll have to plan this surprise well advance and also see if you both have the experience beforehand, if not you can always learn.

Video Wishes

cute birthday gift ideas for boyfriend

Now, these wishes aren’t just normal wishes. Go to google translate and translate ‘Happy birthday (your boyfriend’s name)’ in different languages, as many as you like. Now ask each of his family members to record a birthday wish in a different language and ask them to send it to you. After you’ve got all the wishes, compile them into a video with a help of a video editor.  

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