Infographic: How to Make Besan Ladoo Recipe

Coconut Besan Ladoo Recipe is a popular Indian sweet dough-like food, easy to prepare at home. Besan Ladoo is regularly made during religious ceremonies, celebrate festivals, or household events such as weddings.

Besan Ladoo RecipeHow to make Besan Ladoo Recipe, is it a tasty dessert recipes? Yes, it’s just follow the below process of making Besan Ladoo. Even it can be stored in a container for about 10 to 15 days.

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  1. 1 cups coarse besan
  2. ½ cup wet coconut
  3. 1 cup ghee
  4. 1 cup powdered sugar
  5. 1 tsp cardamom powder (elachi powder)
  6. ½ cup water
  7. cashew nuts


  • Firstly warm the ghee over low heat. If it is solid, then it will melt. Warming is enough. Don’t overheat. Add the wet coconut and roast for 2-3 minutes in low flame till u get a nice aroma. Take this into a separate bowl and keep aside.
  • Then add ½ cup of besan and Stir constantly for about 8–10 minutes over medium-low heat. Watching that besan brown evenly. It is an important step. Too slight cooking will leave an unpleasant raw flavor while too much can scorch the flour. Constant stirring will help to avoid these problems.
  • Take a separate pan to make the sugar syrup, boil the 1cup of sugar with 1/2cup of water on medium heat until the sugar dissolves. When the sugar becomes thick and gristly of one string consistency then, add the precooked besan and coconut into the sugar syrup, mix well until it is combined.
  • Warm the ghee in a separate pan. Pour it into the mixture, stirring constantly. Keep roasting and stirring until the besan odors nutty and becomes easy to stir. It takes about 3 or 5 minutes and makes sure that there is no sour taste. If there is, roast for a longer time.
  • Move the mixture to a bowl. Keep stirring it for a minute to avoid over-hot of besan. Keep aside and let it cool for ten minutes.
  • Shape the mixture into balls with help of your hands. If it is too desiccated to form balls, mix with another teaspoon of ghee and shape again. Keep adding additional ghee until the balls stick together and form a perfect shape.
  • Decorate with nuts. Warm the ghee in a separate pan and Deep fry the cashew and top it for each Besan Ladoo. Press lightly to push nuts into the dessert recipes and sprinkle the cardamom powder on it.

How to Make Besan Ladoo Recipe

Finally, the Indian ladoo recipe, i.e., Besan Ladoo Recipe is ready to serve. Besan ladoo will melt in the mouth. Enjoy eating…!

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